Surf’s pup! Labrador goes wakeboarding with her owner in Arizona

This is the adorable moment a six-month-old puppy took to the water to try out wakeboarding on a lake in Arizona. Labrador Sadie was captured on camera riding waves while attached to the back of a boat with her owner, Tyler.





The pair were filmed climbing over the edge of the boat on Lake Powell the pup’s owner lifting her in the air as he settled on the wakeboard. The boat, which they were attached to by a sturdy rope, then began to travel across the water, causing small waves to break behind it. Sadie, who donned a bright pink life jacket, attempted to swim in the air before she was gently placed on the wakeboard. The pup then stood between Tyler’s legs as he held onto the handle of the rope, looking out at the water as they moved across it.



Her owner kept one hand on her life jacket to ensure she stayed in place as they rode the black and white board. Sadie was then lifted into the air again as Tyler brought her back across to the boat, the pair both landing safely on deck.



Caitlin Brown, who captured the footage of her husband, said: ‘On our yearly trip to Lake Powell, my husband Tyler and my puppy Sadie, show off their skills!’ Wakeboarding is a surface water sport in which a rider is towed across a body of water by a motorboat.



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