Student dresses up in spooky Rake outfit to scare friends

A student has been caught chasing her peers around her college campus while dressed up as horror film monster the Rake in an hilarious Halloween prank. Makayla Martinez, 19, spent £30 ($40) on the grey skin suit after spotting it on Twitter.



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Eager to try out her new purchase, she went on a spooky rampage in a bid to scare her peers at York College Campus, Nebraska, United States. She said: ‘Some people laughed uncontrollably and the people that were being scared though it was a super creepy costume, after everyone asked who I was.’ Video footage captured of her rampage on October 23, show a number of students receiving quite a fright when they come across the outfit.



Several are seen recoiling in shock as Ms Martinez emerges in her spooky garb. The Rake is a horror-related legend that emerged during the summer of 2003. It spawned from local media interest in a human-like creature spotted in Idaho. Ms Martinez thinks the money she spent on a costume of the creature is some of the best money she’s ever spent.



She said: ‘I had bought the costume after seeing it on twitter and just got with a few of my friends to go around scaring people. ‘People were talking about it and who was behind it for days.’ A film based on the creepypasta urban myth was released in 2018. It is a fictional account of the creature which is said to attack humans for unknown reasons and cause victims psychological trauma.



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