Screams of terror as car is struck by lightning as they wait at traffic lights during thunderstorm

This is the frightening moment a couple’s car was struck by lightning as they waited in traffic at a busy intersection. Darrell and Samantha Brewton were running errands when their Chevrolet Suburban was struck by a lightning bolt during an afternoon thunderstorm.





The couple, from Tucson, Arizona, captured the moment while filming their rescue dog Charlie, 11, who was anxious about the fast moving windshield wipers. Maintenance worker Darrell, 33, and Samantha, a stay-at-home mother-of-two, said they were extremely lucky to escape the car uninjured.



The incident, which occurred in Tucson on October 23, left the car’s radio antennae shining amber and its wiring completely fried. In the clip Samantha can be heard saying ‘Charlie thinks the windscreen wipers are going to kill us’ as the dog stands on the back seat.



The car then comes to a stop in a queue of traffic and after a few seconds a flash is seen and a loud bang is heard. Samantha screams as Charlie the dog jumps back and Darrell, who is driving, says ‘It hit the antenna.’



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