Passenger is revolted after woman places her bare feet on the tray table and refuses to put them down

A woman travelling on a domestic plane in China had refused to take her bare feet off the tray table despite repeated requests from flight attendants. The woman and another female passenger were travelling on a China Southern Airlines flight from Nanning to Harbin on Sunday when they decided to rest their feet on the tables, to the disgust of their fellow passengers.



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A man who filmed the incident said they argued with other travellers and the cabin crew, claiming that they could not put their legs down because they ‘had injured their feet during ballet practice’. Net user Haidelan_BH posted a video showing the woman sitting next to the aisle sleeping while resting her bare feet on the table, while the woman in the middle seat was seen putting up her socked feet as well.



He added that flight attendants had tried to offer them to different seats but they refused, saying they could not move and must put their feet up as they had injured themselves during ballet practice.



China Southern Airlines told Beijing Youth Daily that the company is investigating the incident. The video of the incident went viral on Weibo, where net users slammed the ‘uncivilised’ women.



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