Out-of-control ferry crashes into huge crane causing it to explode

Footage shows a huge crane crashing to the ground at Barcelona Port after being hit by an out-of-control ferry. The vessel called Excellent operated by Italian firm Grandi Navi Veloci which was carrying lorries and trailers, hit the the crane at speed after being pushed off course by high winds.



The collision caused a blaze which led to firefighters evacuating the area. There were no reports of any injuries, although two people are said to have been treated by medics after suffering a panic attack. A local port workers’ union tweeted: ‘The ship Excellent, operated by GNV Traghetti, has had to abort its docking manouevre because of the bad weather conditions.


‘As it was trying to leave the port the wind has pushed it against a crane which has fallen to the ground.’ The fire is thought to have started after the crane hit a fuel deposit behind it as it crashed to the ground.


It affected several containers by the port-side, forcing local authorities to activate an emergency response plan because two of the containers contained dangerous chemicals. Black smoke rising from the scene of the collision, which happened just after 8am this morning could be seen across Barcelona.

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