Fearless daredevils jump across 55-storey building in Hong Kong

This is the nail-biting moment two daredevils do tricks and stunts on top of a building without any safety equipment. Footage captured on a bodycam shows the two ‘roof-toppers’ jumping around a jaw-droppingly tall high rise in Hong Kong as they show off their moves.





The man filming leaps onto a narrow concrete ledge on the building and goes for a stomach-churning stroll. He doesn’t appear to notice the sheer drop below him as he sits down cross-legged on the ridge. The camera captures the perilous drop beneath him that shows rows and rows of floors on the building indicating the height the pair have climbed.



The camera pans to the other adrenaline junkie who runs over and jumps up to kick his feet against the wall above his friends head before sprinting the other way. The man filming then leap frogs over his sidekick and the pair then jump over the wall of the building with apparent ease.



Despite being one wrong foot away from certain death the daredevils use no safety equipment and climb across the building with bare hands. Roof-topping is popular in Hong Kong and many people make use of the skyscrapers to practice their stunts and film their adventures.



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