The stuff of Halloween nightmares: Makeup artist shows off her peeling face that would give Freddy Krueger a run for his money

With her peeling flesh and exposed muscle tendons, Julia Wunderlich wouldn’t be out of place in a horror movie. Yet the makeup artist’s terrifying ‘peeling face’ has everything to do with make-up and nothing to do with real flesh and bone.





In a Halloween inspired video created for her Instagram page, with its 125,000 followers, Wunderlich uses a latex mask to make it look as though her face is literally falling off. The video shows a pale faced, blonde haired, Wunderlich looking straight into the camera, with what looks like blood stains streaked across her face. She begins by lifting her eyebrows and the top section of her face which appears to be in a precarious state. She lets out a theatrical sigh before letting the mid and lower section of her face ‘peel off.’



Underneath the fallen latex mask, the make-up artist’s shows her skill in creating realistic paintings of muscle tendons and teeth. Wunderlich’s grins manically at the camera, moving her eyes and opening her mouth. If that hasn’t been scary enough, the video moves on to another shot of Wunderlich ‘removing’ her face in a equally disturbing way, peeling away a small top section of her face over the eyebrow along with the entire mid and lower section of another part of the face.



Letting the skin flap from side to side Wunderlich, who’s from Germany, continues grinning at the camera. The special effects style makeup is one of a number of Halloween themed looks on Wunderlich’s Instagram page, @metamorphosia_fx.



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