Driver Miraculously Survives After Crashing His Lorry Straight Into a Pole on a Motorway in China

A driver has survived after crashing his lorry head-on into a utility pole on a highway in south China.

Footage of the dramatic incident on Friday shows the lorry traveling along the highway towards Shenzhen at about 7 am.

However, the vehicle started to veer off its lane, heading straight for the large concrete pole at the traffic divider near the Dongguan exit of the expressway.

Truck Driver Falls Asleep

It smashed straight into the pole and the barriers, sending vehicle parts, debris and sand flying across the motorway. Emergency services were immediately alerted.

While the cab of the large truck was destroyed, the driver miraculously walked away unscathed in the accident.

Driver Survives

Local authorities told Dongguan Network that the driver survived without serious injuries and was able to walk out of the cabin himself.

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