Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo

Of course, we all know that it is a cruel world out there. That said, we humans actually have it pretty easy. Think about the animal kingdom, those guys have really got it tough.



It’s not just wild animals too. Captive animals don’t always lose their instincts, as one group of shocked zoo visitors found out recently.


Bears Kill Wolf In Dutch Zoo


Here’s what happened. A wolf was innocently playing with the rest of the pack at the Dierenrijk Zoo in the Netherlands. It managed somehow to fall into the water, and then was torn limb from limb by a group of angry bears.

Whilst horrified visitors looked on, the wolf pack tried to defend their fallen friend from the attacks, but it was not enough, and it was completely destroyed.


Group Of Bears Tear Wolf To Shreds At Dutch Zoo


It really is a bear eat wolf world out there, even in the (relatively) safe confines of the zoo.

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