Road Rage Biker Films the Moment He Is Shot in the Spine by Motorist After He Kicked Off Car Wing Mirror

A motorcyclist filmed the moment he was allegedly shot in the spine by an off-duty cop in a near-fatal road rage attack in Brazil. Detectives released footage of the incident yesterday after confirming they have charged a police officer with the attempted murder of Gabriel Rego.

The micro-camera recording shows Mr. Rego riding his bike late at night in Manaus, north Brazil. As he reaches a crossroads, a silver car apparently fails to give way and narrowly avoids running into him.

Turning left and riding on for a few meters, the biker angrily swears to himself about the driver’s apparent error. He seems to become more riled up and decides to turn back to confront the motorist.

Drawing level with the vehicle, which has stopped in the middle of the road, the motorcyclist appears to start the argument with the driver who has his window wound down.

Suddenly the rider appears to kick and break the wing mirror on the car and tries to speed off.

Biker SHot In Road Rage

A split second later a single gunshot rings out and the biker films himself crashing to the ground and records his harrowing cries for help as he realizes he has just been shot in his back.

The camera registers the distressing moment he lies injured and flails around with one arm, unable to move while begging someone to call his brother.

Biker SHot In SPide

Witnesses rush to his aid with one local taking off his helmet while others try to calm him down, run to bring blankets to cover him and ring emergency services.

People Rush To Help

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