Massive wave smashes through windows of a restaurant in northern Italy

A gigantic rogue wave crashed through the glass exterior of a resort restaurant in Arenzano, Italy on October 29 during a storm. The Bagni Maddalena surveillance footage shows five employees washing the floor and tidying up at the end of their shift when heavy wind and rain starts battering the restaurant’s exterior.



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When they notice the huge wave approaching some workers try to secure and support the windows before a huge wave crashes through, flooding the room. But the doors immediately cave and the rush of swirling water sweeps one of the employees across the dining room while another jumps onto the bar. Mops, cleaning buckets and chairs are dislodged by the huge wave which leaves staff at least ankle deep in water.



Restaurant proprietor Giovonna Damonte said she was hospitalized with lacerations from the shattered glass. An Italian regional meteorological agency warned that winds reached 150 kilometers per hour and waves almost 20ft-high were recorded.



Arenzano is a coastal town in the Metropolitan City of Genoa in northern Italy, facing the Ligurian Sea. Storms have killed more than 20 people in Italy this week, triggered landslides and razed thousands of hectares of forest in the north.



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