Fire Crew Comes Under Attack in Dramatic Video Footage Showing Fireworks Being Launched at Engine Full of Emergency Staff

This is the shocking moment a fire crew had fireworks launched at them while they were on a call out – and forced them to withdraw.

Footage captured from inside the targeted fire engine in the Great Horton area of Bradford, West Yorkshire, shows several fireworks being aimed at the crew.

Luckily the Fairweather Green crew weren’t hurt but the fireworks did damage the lockers on the side of the engine.

The crew had been called out to deal with a fire in the open on Woodhead Road in Bradford but they had to withdraw from the incident due to the attack

Fireworks Aimed At Emergency Workers

In the video, which was filmed at around 5.20pm on Monday, a bonfire can be seen burning in the background and multiple fireworks come towards the engine.

Each time fireworks hit the side of the vehicle a loud bang can be heard and sparks can be seen flying off the side of the engine.

The surprised crew can be heard inside saying ‘it’s fireworks’ as they drive along a residential road next to some grass.

Fireworks That Explodes


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