Surgeon in China Gets Injected With Pain Killers for Appendicitis While Performing 9 Surgeries

A Chinese doctor has earned massive praise from millions of netizens for displaying selfless dedication in fulfilling his duties while suffering in his own pain.

Dr. Liang Fuqun, a surgeon at a hospital in Si County, Anhui Province, China, was captured on video being injected with a painkiller while performing surgery on a patient.

Doctor Feels Sharp Pain

Dr. Liang was reportedly enduring a stomachache on the morning of June 24 but brushed it off thinking it would eventually go away, according to Beijing Youth Daily via Shanghaiist. As a precaution, the surgeon asked his supervisor, Dr. Shi, to accompany him through his surgeries for the day.

Nurse Injects Him To Keep Going

However, Liang suddenly experienced a sharp pain around his abdominal area while he was working on his third procedure.

Despite the sudden jolt of pain, he did not stop or take a break from the surgery. Instead, he opted to have someone administer a painkiller injection on himself as he continued to operate on his patient.

Surgeons Ends Up Performing 9 More Surgeries

After the injection, the determined doctor went on to continue performing surgeries, completing a total of nine procedures that day.

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