Heart-Warming Moment Man Lets His Frail Mother Sit on His Back at a Hospital Lobby as There Aren’t Enough Seats

A son has been praised for an outstanding act of filial piety when he let his elderly mother sit on his back while waiting at a hospital in south-east China.

The pair were spotted waiting to pick up the woman’s prescriptions at a busy hospital in Nanchang, Jiangxi province and there were no available seats at the lobby, according to Chinese media.

Footage of the September incident shows the frail mother and son waiting patiently at the Jiangxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Son Acts As Chair For Old Mother

The man, named as Xiong Shuiyuan, said he was just ‘doing his part as a son’, according to a Jiangxi Network Radio and TV Station report today.

He had just gotten off an overnight shift at the police station and had been accompanying his elderly mother for a regular checkup at the hospital.

No Available Seats In Emergency Room

Xiong said his mother was feeling tired from standing, so he immediately squatted down and asked her to sit on his back as there were no empty seats around.

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