Couple Are Caught Stealing American Tourist’s $5,000 Designer Suitcases From Airport Arrival Hall

A Chinese couple has been arrested in Thailand after stealing luxury baggage to order from airport carousels.

Tze Yeung Li, 35, who is a Canadian citizen but was born in China, and 21-year-old partner Luo Jieying were busted at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Saturday.

The arrests came after an American traveler – who has not been identified – complained that her Rimowa cases worth around $5,000 had vanished.

Airport security staff checked CCTV and spotted the cases being snatched from the baggage carousel and arrivals terminal floor by the couple.

Chinese Couple Steals Designer Luggage

Police then tracked the suspects until they arrived back at the airport for their return flight, when they were taken into custody.

After confessing to their crimes, investigators raided their hotel and discovered other luxury baggage.

Couple Steals Luggage

The couple confessed that they stole the luggage to order before selling it at cut-price rates back in China.

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