Goose Gets Cleaned Up by Rider and Causes High-speed Crash

You would think that riding a motorbike at 180km/h is dangerous enough without having to avoid flying animals.

The terrifying moment a motorcyclist cleans up a goose on Australia’s Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit causing a nasty high-speed crash has been caught on a handlebar cam.

In the video, two large birds can be seen flying right into the path of two motorcyclists as one of the riders clocks over 180km/h on the dash.

Goose Crashes Into Rider

While one goose narrowly escapes collision, the other gets taken out by the rider in front, causing him to lose balance and careen into the bike behind.

The footage shows the bike in front somehow managing to stay upright, but the unfortunate rider from whose bike the camera is mounted on goes crashing into the ground.

Goose Causes Crash

It is understood the rider was not seriously injured.

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