Video Shows Astonishing Moment Brazen Liquor Store Thieves Pull the Door Off With a Truck

It looks like a scene out of a Hollywood action movie. Two thieves robbed a liquor store before dawn on Friday in Lexington County, South Carolina by using a GMC pickup truck to rip the front doors off of the building.

The video shows a brown-and-white pickup truck being driven in reverse in the parking lot in front of the liquor store.

An unidentified man in what appears to be a blue hooded sweatshirt is seen holding on to the rear of the truck as it is backed up toward the store’s front entrance.

The man then fastens a piece of rope to the front entrance.

Thieves Use Truck To Steal From Liquor Store

In the next frame, the truck driver hits the gas and drives the vehicle forward – sending the glass doors flying out of their frames.

The two men then begin grabbing boxes and shelves full of liquor, which they throw onto the cargo bed of the truck.

Thieves Use Truck To Break Down Doors

The thieves made off with thousands of dollars worth of inventory.

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