An alpaca takes a taxi ride home on a busy street in Peru

An alpaca was spotted taking a taxi ride home on a busy street in Peru during a comical moment caught on camera. During the amusing video the animal patiently waits outside the small red vehicle parked on a cobbled street in Cusco as cars are seen driving past.



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A young girl is seen holding the door open for the alpaca before it casually clambers onto the back seat without hesitation.mAs the camera draws closer to the window the owner appears to be giving the driver directions while the alpaca stares outside the window at the passing cars.



At ease with the furry creature that has just entered the taxi the driver allows the animal to remain on board.mAlpacas belong to the camelid species, closely related to the llama, and originate from west-central South America.



The domesticated species is typically seen in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.mThe viral video has since gathered 2.9million views on Twitter and more than 100,000 likes.



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