Hordes of Migrants Risk Their Lives as They Try to Jump Onto the Back of Lorry as It Drives Through French Port Town

This is the shocking moment a group of desperate migrants sprint after a lorry and risk their lives as they try to jump on board and head to Britain.

In the video the refugees are seen lying in wait for the British lorry, sprinting alongside it and trying to leap on the back as it heads for a ferry port in northern France. The group, who ignore the danger of a second lorry following behind, spring on the back of the lorry when it slows down for a roundabout but are thwarted when the vehicle speeds back up towards 30mph.

The footage was filmed in the Normandy town of Ouistreham, which is close to the ferry terminal at Caen and has recently become a target for migrants trying to cross the Channel.

Immigrants Make Run For Truck

The dramatic footage was taken from a dashcam in the second lorry, which was was travelling in convoy with the vehicle in front which was carrying a flight simulator.

Migrants are targeting the small port town in northern France because it is easier to get on board than in Calais, a Sky News report claimed earlier this year.

Immigrant Crises

He estimates that there are over 100 migrants who line the streets in the space of less than a mile before the ferry terminal.

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