US Troops Install Razor Wire Over the Rio Grande Causing Tensions in Neighboring Towns as Aid Arrives in Mexico City

Active-duty military troops have been sent to the US-Mexico border to install coils of razor wire on a bridge of the Rio Grande as the migrant caravan slowly nears toward the US.

‘I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,’ Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. ‘Beautiful sight.’

About 100 military members in fatigues were at the northern bank of the river, below the bridge, laying concertina wire. Other soldiers erected wire barriers on the bridge’s pedestrian paths.

Coils Of Barbed Wire Set Up

The Pentagon said more than 3,500 troops have been deployed to staging bases along the border, including about 1,000 Marines in California.

Meanwhile, the largest caravan traveling through Mexico is still weeks away from the US, and migrants have given no indication where they might cross. The Rio Grande Valley is the shortest route from Central America but also one of the most dangerous.

Humanitarian aid has converged around a Mexico City stadium where thousands of Central American migrants were resting after an arduous trek that has taken them through three countries in three weeks.

Us Soldiers Set Up Barbed Wire

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