Hilarious moment a dog balanced a bowl full of cereals on its head

This hilarious video shows a dog owner tucking into her breakfast as her Golden Retriever balances it on her head. As Myzer sits patiently, student Nicole Armbruster places an empty bowl on her snout.





She then pours cereal and milk into the bowl and proceeds to eat it as she sits on a kitchen stool. The loyal dog tries her best to keep balance but the bowl flies off her snout and crashes to the floor when she suddenly twitches her nose. Aquarium volunteer Nicole, from Cincinnati, USA told Caters Clips: ‘Myzer has always been a very loyal dog and does whatever you ask of her. She has the perfect Golden Retriever personality and loves to please us. ‘We wanted to test her ability by making, and balancing cereal on her nose.’



Nicole is currently studying at Ohio University but has enjoyed dressing up Myzer for the last couple of years. She added: ‘She loves being the centre of attention. ‘We have a lot of videos and pictures we’re thinking about doing, such as dressing her up in Ellen underwear [underwear range produced by American comedian Ellen Degeneres] and as a weatherman.’



Golden Retrievers are renowned for their eagerness to learn, obedience and intelligence and for those reasons they are considered very easy to train. Golden Retrievers’ intelligence means they also make excellent guide and service dogs.



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