One step at a time! Daredevils climb wobbly ladder strung between two mountains

This is the incredible moment daredevil climbers scaled a huge ladder thousands of feet up that was strung between two mountains. The wobbly ladder was precariously placed between two peaks in Gosaukamm, Upper Austria.



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The perilous climb saw the thrill-seekers scale the rungs of the ladder, which are made of steel and rope, while seeming to ascend high into the clouds up above. Every few seconds, the camera pans away from the climbers and you can truly appreciate the height of the mountains and the beauty of the surrounding area.



The footage was recorded alongside several breathtaking photographs taken by Sebastian Scheichl from Salzburg. He filmed the video as his friend, Johannes Jank, braved the spectacular stairway along with two other daredevils.



Sebastian, 23, said: ‘I was so excited, I couldn’t believe my eyes at that moment. ‘It was the first time we’d climbed this ladder and I was scared for sure but we were secured. ‘There were harnesses and we had proper climbing gear on us.’



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