Toddler miraculously survives after being run over TWICE by a car as she lies in the middle of a busy road

A two-year-old girl has cheated death after being run over twice by a car in China. The toddler was left unattended and lying in the middle of a road when the accident occurred, according to local media.





A family member claimed that the child was found to have no major injuries after being taken to the hospital. The accident took place on October 31 in Yiwu, east China’s Zhejiang province, reported BJ News. Surveillance footage shows that the girl, wearing a pink top and red trousers, was lying on a road when a white car approached. The road appeared to be busy. A scooter had just passed the child and the rider had had to carefully avoid her.



The toddler was run over twice by the white car’s front and rear wheels as she lay still on the ground. After realising the situation, the driver got off the car to check upon the girl who was later taken to the hospital by her family members. BJ News quoted the girl’s uncle who said that the child only sustained scratches. The uncle said: ‘[We] went to the hospital and put her under observation. ‘She was found to have no major issues, so we came home the same day.’



According to the doctors, the girl managed to survive the accident because her bones were soft and she was wearing a lot of clothes at the time. And according to Oxford University Hospitals, a child’s bones are softer than those of an adult, therefore their bones are more likely to bend than break completely following an impact. The uncle did not explain where the girl’s parents were at the time of the accident.



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