Crazy moment ex-con on drugs reverses car through liquor store doors

This is the shocking moment a Michigan woman crashed her car through the front window of a store and left a delivery man with a broken hip and fractured leg. The incident occurred around 7pm October 30 at Blue Bird Liquor Store in Muskegon Heights and the woman was later arrested operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a controlled substance.





Surveillance footage shows Samantha Lynn Baxter, 38, go straight through the glass front of the store as she reverses at a high speed. In the clip a man inside tries his best to run out of harm’s way but cannot move quick enough before he is thrown to the back of the building when the SUV crashes into him.



After the collision, the woman from Holland can be seen fiddling with the steering wheel before she gets out of the vehicle. She appears to fidget as she considers what to do next while looking around.



Prior to the car ending up in the middle of the shop floor Baxter was seen zipping back in forth in the parking lot at the 3408 Hoyt St location. The man who was hurt and a store employee appeared to watch her through the door as she made the alarming moves on her set of four wheels.



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