Electrician Screams Racist Abuse at Taxi Driver in Shocking Tirade That Has Landed Him With Four-figure Court Fine

An electrician who racially abused a taxi driver after he was unhappy with the quote for his journey home from a railway station has been fined £1,000.

A shocked Mr. Shaheed, who is originally from Afghanistan but has lived in Tunbridge Wells for 15 years, did up his window but before he could lock the driver’s door, Fordham opened it.

Fordham continued his abuse, calling the taxi driver a ‘Muslim c***’, a ‘Bengali c***’ and a Muslim f***’.

The court heard how Mr. Shaheed then got out of the taxi in fear of being assaulted, to get help from the fellow drivers on the rank.

Man Yells Racial Slurs

Other taxi drivers and members of the public intervened and Mr. Shaheed took out his phone and started recording what was going on.

A video of part of the incident which showed Fordham shouting ‘you Muslim c*** and a Muslim f***’ at the taxi driver went viral after being posted online.

Racist Man At Taxi

The court also heard that Fordham was pushed in the chest, after stepping out of the taxi.

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