Black Passenger Is Filmed Hurling N-Word and Homophobic Slurs at Another African American Passenger on a Plane at Lax

A shocking scene was filmed on a flight arriving at LAX as a black woman yelled an onslaught of homophobic slurs at another black passenger.

The Friday clip shows the woman shouting a plethora of offensive marks at the man, who can occasionally be heard retorting. It is currently unknown where the flight had come from.

The woman repeatedly tells the man to ‘shut the f**k up,’ growing louder as other passengers laugh in the background.

Woman Goes Berserk Inside Flight

She also calls him goofy numerous times in the video. A ‘goofy’ is a Chicago slang term referring to someone who is deemed lame for a transgression.

The man – who is never seen throughout the exchange – makes a comment about the woman’s hair being made from a horse. The joke is often used as an insult to black women who wear weaves or extensions.

Racial SLurs Inside Plane

More arguing unfolds, and the woman makes fun of the man’s teeth and the fact that other passengers appear to be laughing at him.

A flight attendant then comes into view and looks to be asking the woman to calm down. As soon as she walks away, however, the woman starts right back up.

Berserk Outburst In Flight

It is unknown what happened to the woman.

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