Woman Steps in and ‘Saves’ Man From Being Shot During Police Confrontation

In the video, an officer can be seen pointing a gun at a man named Anthony, telling him to get on the ground.

The man turns to the woman taking the video and says “You see him trying to shoot me? You see him trying to shoot me? I ain’t doing nothing to nobody. You saw me sleeping, right?”

The officer continues to tell the man to get on the ground and tells Grace to move away. Grace declines but the officer proceeds to tell her that the suspect has knives. Anthony denies this and shakes open his jacket and tells the officer he is not armed.

Woman Saves Homeless Man

Grace then directs the camera towards what appears to be a knife on the ground. While the officer continues to tell Anthony to get on the ground, Grace joins in and finally convinces Anthony to do as he is told to avoid getting killed. She tells him, “This is not worth dying for, this is not worth dying for. Just listen to him, this is not worth dying for. They’re killing us out here. This is not worth dying for. This s*** is not worth dying for.”

Woman Steps In During Confrontation

Anthony was once profiled on “Invisible People”. He became homeless after his mother died from colon cancer.

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