Horrific Footage Reveals How Reindeer Kept on Some British Farms Are Treated the Rest of the Year as Christmas Grottos Prepare to Open

This shocking footage shows the alleged ‘shocking suffering’ endured by reindeer at UK farms – including one being kicked by a keeper, according to an animal charity.

Animal Aid said they collected undercover footage from three farms across the country in 2017 and 2018.

The welfare charity claims they found reindeer with raw, exposed skin, diarrhea and skeletal abnormalities.

Mal Treated Reindeers

In footage they claim was taken at Kent Reindeer Centre in May 2018 a worker is shown kicking a reindeer twice, as well as shouting abuse at the animals.

Several animals across three centers also had visible ribs while several were kept in ‘desolate’ and ‘unnatural’ conditions, the charity claims.

Abused Reindeers

The also said they found reindeer with ‘patchy fur, bowed legs, and broken antlers.’

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