Australian Surfer Is Wiped Out as He Scales 60ft Monster Wave Off Portugal

This is the terrifying moment a surfer is totally wiped out by an enormous 60-foot wave. The incredible footage was taken from the legendary surfing beach at Nazaré, off the coast of Portugal.

It shows Australian big wave surfer, Russell Bierke, 21, charging one of the biggest waves of the day before being wiped out and saved by a fellow surfer.

60 Foot Waves Swallows Surfer

Bierke managed to keep control for a moment on the wave but wiped out after a massive explosion from behind forced him underwater.

Despite the terrifying ordeal, Bierke was able to resurface to catch a quick breath moments before the next wave forced him under again.

Luckily He Gets Rescued

Luckily, he was rescued by award-winning big wave surfer Lucas ‘Chumbo’ Chianca from Brazil, who arrived on a jet-ski to pluck him from the water.

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