Terrifying Video Captures a Tiger Chasing Shrieking Tourists in an Open Top Safari Bus in India

A group of terrified tourists fled for their lives after a tigress started to chase their safari bus.

The tourists were on a jungle safari at Tadoba National Park, in Maharashtra, India, when the animal started to run after them.

In the footage, recorded by one of the people on board, the worried people can be heard shrieking as the tigress jogs to keep up with their vehicle.

Tiger Chases Tourist

As they sharply turn the corners the animal keenly follows them and refuses to stop her pursuit.

The tigress chases them for some time down the muddy track before the car appears to speed up and the video ends.

Terrified Tourist

Despite the tourists concern and official of the park said they had nothing to be scared about and if the tigress had wanted to hurt them she would have pounced.

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