A Classic Car Chase! Incredible Police Footage Shows Stolen 51-year-old Morris Minor Speeding Away

This amazing dash cam footage shows a police patrol involved in a high speed car chase – with a stolen 51-year-old Morris Minor. The vintage car can be seen swerving around traffic and narrowly avoiding another vehicle as the driver attempted to escape police.

It is not known whether the driver, who sped through Bradford, West Yorkshire, was caught.

As the red car speeds towards a junction it manages to swerve around a white car and smoothly avoid colliding with two black vehicles coming down the road.

Vintage Car Cjase

The Morris Minor then disappears around the corner as the police also turn onto the road.

The West Yorkshire Police Roads Policing Unit tweeted the footage and said: ‘It’s not every day you have a pursuit with a 51-year-old stolen Morris Minor.

Morris Speeds Away


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