CCTV captures Thief creeps along like a cartoon burglar to steal generator

A ridiculous-looking thief has become the butt of jokes online for creeping up a driveway looking like ‘a cartoon burglar’ unaware his every tentative step was being recorded by CCTV.



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Police have released footage of the crook precariously tiptoeing onto the property while his accomplice follows behind, before the pair steal a petrol generator from outside the Derbyshire property. Web users were quick to mock the crook for his sneaky ‘Pink Panther-style’ approach to the crime scene blissfully unaware he was being recorded by security cameras.



Vicky Louise wrote on Facebook: ‘What a fool. Creeping along looking like a cartoon burgler[sic] while clearly in the open. Matter of time before before you get caught mate.’



Carl Rose added: ‘Hilarious. Looks more like a scene from the Pink Panther or Scooby Doo. Seriously tho, hope you catch him.’ Neil Harper referenced the pranks pulled by Jeremy Beadle in his 1990s TV show, writing: ‘Is this a joke looks like something off Beadle,’ while January Lloyd branded them ‘Dumb and dumber.’



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