Making a Splash for the Wrong Reasons! Show-off Standing on His Hands Collapses on Diving Board and Falls Into Pool

This is the dramatic moment a man attempted to dive from the top board of his local swimming pool while performing a handstand. The man, who has not been identified, walks on his hands to the edge of the board.

As he prepares to launch himself off the edge and into the pool, he slips and bangs his knee before tumbling unceremoniously into the water.

Instead of a graceful dive, he leaves a tremendous splash after entering the water at an odd angle. A daredevil’s friend is filming the attempt which appears to be working out well until the final few moments.

Pool Stunt Fail

The camera showed the edge of the diving platform was moderately moist and may have caused him to slip.

Or possibly, the exertion of walking on his hands for such a length of time may have been too great and he lost power at the last minute.

Pool Dive Fail

Fortunately, the man did not appear to bump his head or hit the side of the pool when he plunged into the pool.

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