Shadowy ‘Ghost’ Is Caught on Doorbell Camera After Homeowner’s Dog Starts Barking

This is the surreal moment a ‘ghost’ plays knock down ginger on the door of an unsuspecting homeowner.

Meni Pitoscia, 46, captured the footage with her motion-activated doorbell camera while waiting for a parcel to be delivered.

It shows a translucent presence emerging from a bench on the left, crossing in front of the camera, and then passing out of view on the right.

Ghost Caught On VIdeo

Mrs. Pitoscia said: ‘My dog started barking and ran towards the door. I was awaiting a package so I figured it was the courier approaching the door.

‘So I looked at the video and I said ‘what the heck is this?’ The clip has now been viewed thousands of times.

Shadowy Figures Caught On Camera

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