Practice Makes Perfect! Man Stuns Fellow Gym Goers With His Bizarre Thrusting Work-out

This bizarre video shows the moment a gym-goer decided to try out a strange new hip-thrusting routine. The footage was filmed at a gym in Shanghai, China by onlookers who were left confused by the man’s exercise drill.

In the strange clip, the man can be seen on all fours and thrusting his pelvis forward rapidly and repeatedly.

The man, dressed in all black, attaches himself to some weights before starting his bizarre exercise.

Man Doig Gym Wrong

With his hands spread out in front of him, the man repeatedly performs his maneuver, relying on blue crash mats to soften the impact. He looks determined as he thrusts his pelvis into the mats, his face, and body filled with tension.

To make the situation even more awkward for those watching, he can also be heard gasping and grunting as he carries out his risqué hip thrusting exercise.

Thrusting Excercise

Other gym-goers can be seen in the background although no one makes a move to stop the man or ask him what he is doing.

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