Pedophile Hunters Dark Justice Snared Pervert, 51, Who Thought He Was Meeting a Fifteen-year-old Girl After Neighbours Helped Chase Him Down

A pervert who thought he was meeting a 15-year-old girl was snared by so-called pedophile hunters after residents of a housing estate helped chase him down.

Mark Turnbull, 51, had been engaging in explicit chat with who he thought was a schoolgirl on the social media app Scout but was actually talking to vigilante group who call themselves Dark Justice.

Members of the group confronted him when he turned up to meet the ‘girl’ at St Anthony’s Park in Walker, Newcastle. He sped away in his car to the nearby Daisy Hill housing estate where he left his vehicle but with the help of locals, he was captured.

Pedophile Captures

On the video, Turnbull is seen hiding his face beneath a coat while he cowers in the back alley. A Dark Justice member tells him: ‘You knew exactly how old the girl was.

Man Sentenced

‘You are lucky you did not destroy some girl’s life. You would have if you had got your hands on the girl.’

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