Children Scream Hysterically and Hang Their Heads Out of a School Bus After the Driver Tells Them ‘They’re Not Going Home Because They Were Being Too Noisy’

A shocking video shows children screaming hysterically after their school bus driver told them they wouldn’t be going home because they were being noisy.

The bus driver sparked panic among the children after he pulled over minutes after leaving their elementary school in Wichita, Kansas, on November 9.

He reportedly told the children the bus wouldn’t be moving and they would be staying in the bus ‘all night’ because they were being too noisy.

Bus Driver Refuses TO Let Kids Out

A video filmed by a bystander shows children running around inside the bus and one even hanging her head outside the window, yelling for her mother.

The person who filmed said that after the students became rowdy, the driver yelled and told them ‘they are not going home and that they are going to stay on the bus all night.’

Kids Screaming

Some parents standing on the street by the parked bus were heard reassuring their children – and one woman can be heard shouting: ‘Get my son off the bus now!’

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