Driver Slams Through a Road Barrier and Crashes Into Nine Cars After Mistaking the Accelerator for the Brake

A driver caused extensive damage to nine vehicles when she accidentally pressed on the accelerator instead of the brake on a busy motorway in east China.

The female driver later told authorities that she was feeling drowsy after taking flu medication, resulting in her losing control of the car.

A pet dog was thrown from one of the vehicles and killed in the incident in Hefei, Anhui province. No one was hurt, according to traffic police.

Driver Slams Through Road Barrier

Shocking footage of the November 3 incident shows the purple Mercedes Benz slamming through the road barrier twice in a dramatic zig-zag pattern near an underpass.

The driver then plowed into the opposite lane before ramming into a white car and a concrete wall.

Car Gets Wrecked

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