Bulls Lock Horns in the Middle of a Busy Street Before One of Them Rams a Tuk Tuk and Ends Up Trapped Inside It

Two angry bulls locked horns to have a fight on a busy road — before one got trapped inside a tuk-tuk. The fight between two bulls in the middle of a busy road in India ended with one of the animals crashing into a vehicle and becoming stuck.

A video filmed on a busy road in Bhatinda, Punjab, shows the two bulls locking horns in the middle of traffic as vehicles attempt to go around them

One of the bulls ends up ramming into a tuk-tuk, a type of electric rickshaw and knocks the vehicle onto its side.

Bulls Lock Horns

The passengers escaped and were taken to hospital for treatment, and now locals are calling in the government to stop the wild animals roaming the streets. Bystanders rush to help as the bull ends up stuck inside the overturned vehicle.

Bulls Stuck In Tuk Tuk

Holy cow!

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