Hilarious moment three friends panic as they try to remove spider from their holiday apartment ceiling

This is the hilarious moment two men panic while trying to remove a spider from their holiday apartment ceiling. The two friends were recorded by another man while in Paphos, Cyprus, earlier this month.





In the short clip the men, wearing t-shirts and shorts, are seen discussing the best way to capture the spider as they hold a bowl, plate and tea towel. The man standing on the bed can be seen holding a bowl and a plate and looking up at the spider, contemplating how he can trap it. When his friend asks how he’s going to get it, he replies ‘I don’t know, but he’s just winked at me.’ The man recording busts into laughter while the other two discuss the best way to capture the spider.



One of the men suggests scraping the spider onto the plate and tries to show the other man standing on the bed how to do it best. The man manages to put the bowl over the spider but panics as he drags the crockery down the wall. All of the men start to shout and laugh as the man holding the bowl turns around and looks at the camera.



His friend jumps on the bed, armed with a tea towel, and tells the other man to ‘tip the bowl up’ so that the spider can fall onto the plate. When this happens both of the men start to scream and the man standing on the bed throws his arms around. Although the spider is now trapped between the bowl and the plate, the men continue to fret as the man walks to their balcony to get rid of it.



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