Woman spotted with a fox in crowded Moscow metro station

This is the bizarre moment a large fox on a leash perches on a woman’s shoulder while she waits for a train in a metro station. Footage taken by a fellow passenger in Kashirskaya station in Moscow shows the young woman standing nonchalantly on the busy platform while the tame red fox sits patiently on her.





The animal’s bushy and plumed white-tipped tail falls down her back making the unlikely pair very hard not to notice. Nearby commuters can be seen giving the animal, usually seen roaming the streets at dark, strange looks. However most passengers appear completely unfazed by the fox which are not usually domesticated. At one point, the fox peers over its shoulder at passengers behind showing its red and white tipped head. As the train approaches the fox does not appear scared by the rumbling noise of the wheels on the tracks and instead looks interested in its surroundings.



As the doors open, the woman walks in the train with the fox who looks unfazed by its busy surroundings and still remains perched contentedly on her shoulders. The clip was posted on social media on November 13 with the caption: ‘There are women in Russia who like to wear natural fur, but against killing animals’.



The video has attracted attention worldwide and has garnered thousands of views. Although it is a bizarre sight, Russia does have the only domestic red fox population in the world after a Russian scientist designed an experiment to show to power of selective breeding.



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