Mob Circles Victim as They Stab and Kick Him Outside a Shop in London as Scourge of Gang Knife Violence Escalates

This is the horrifying moment a gang circles a victim as they stab and kick him outside a shop on a busy street.

Disturbing footage shows the thugs violently attack a man outside a British Express store in Old Street, Shoreditch, east London, shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.

Gang members dump their bikes on the ground then repeatedly punch, kick and stab the victim in full view of members of the public and passing motorists.

The man who filmed the video from inside a passing car can be heard saying: ‘Literally people are getting stabbed’.

The gang continues to slash the victim and bystanders are heard screaming as the man in the car says: ‘Guy’s got a massive knife on him.’

Gang Fight Filmed

At one point, the victim appears to escape the clutches of the mob and tries to evade them but is cornered by the gang and his body is slammed against a storefront.

Thugs With Combat Knives

The men in the car drive off, shocked by what they had just witnessed. One of them says: ‘Oh it’s getting worse mate’ another is heard saying ‘he had a massive knife mate’.

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