Shocking Moment Teenage Gang Throws Rocks at Delivery Truck — Puts Driver in the Hospital

Stone-throwing youths who set up roadblocks to target delivery trucks have left a delivery driver in hospital and off work for three weeks.

Mark Livsey, who runs Parcel Partner, said he now turns down jobs in Harpurhey and Moston because he fears for the safety of his staff.

He revealed footage of the shocking attack carried out in September and said the gangs – aged as young as 13 – even set up daylight roadblocks to target deliveries.

Teens Stone Delivery Truck

In the video from September, Mr. Livsey’s drivers were shown quickly reversing from the scene as a group of four or five teens threw bricks and rocks at the truck.

Teen Harrasment

Residents report teenage gangs routinely throwing stones and eggs at passing cars, shoplifting and in some cases carrying out terrifying street muggings.

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