‘bear Whisperer’ Cop Rescues Cub Trapped in a Dumpster as Its Mother Nervously Watches From Nearby Hilltop in California

A California policeman was called to an unlikely rescue after residents of Truckee called to report a bear cub that had become stuck in a trash bin.

In the footage uploaded yesterday, police sergeant John Mon Pere of the Truckee Police force arrives at the scene in the northern California town, about 100 miles northeast of Sacramento.

The video, shot from his body camera, shows the cub’s worried mother watching closely from the top of a rocky hillside nearby.

You’re pretty,’ the sergeant calls to the protective mother bear. ‘We’re going to help baby get out.’

Police Bear Whisperer

The footage then shows sergeant climbing onto another trash container to open the lid, meanwhile offering some comforting words to the cub.

‘All right, remember, I’m a friend,’ he says.

The unharmed cub dashes out and immediately races up the hillside to join its mother, taking a moment to glance back appreciatively in the sergeant’s direction.

Officer Saves Bear

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