Man Saves His Girlfriend’s Life When a Car Suddenly Comes Flying at Them

Man saved his girlfriend’s life when he pulled her out of the way of a speeding car, which went past just inches from them as they walked down a street.


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CCTV cameras caught the heart-stopping moment when the man and woman, reportedly a couple, were almost hit by the car before it crashed into a wall.


Man Saves His Girlfriend's Life When a Car Suddenly Comes Flying at Them


The video footage shows the man grabbing his female companion and throwing them both on the ground to escape the speeding vehicle. It starts with the couple walking casually side by side, the man in a checkered shirt and the woman in a black vest and flip-flops.

Suddenly the grey car comes speeding towards them, and the man steps in to pull the woman out of its way.


The car flies past them and crashes into a wall a few feet away, with the pair in shock on the ground


The vehicle narrowly misses them and careens on two wheels straight into a wall next to them. Despite the grainy CCTV, the pair on the ground are visibly shaken as they get up and dust themselves off.

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