Customers climb shelves in Walmart to get mispriced 90% off TVs

Footage has emerged showing hordes of shoppers clambering to buy 55-inch TVs wrongly priced at £41 at a Walmart store. The incident occurred during a discount sale at a store in the central Mexican capital Mexico City.





Customers had seen the price of the 55-inch televisions with a presumed 90 per cent discount after an employee at the store wrongly placed the comma a digit early. During the sale each television was due to be sold for a price of $10,999 Mexican peso (£419) but following the error they were put up for sale at $1,099 MXN (£41).



Walmart reportedly admitted their mistake and allowed those who bought the televisions for the incorrect price to keep them. However, it is not known what happened to the employee who made the mistake. The video footage shows people scrambling to get the TV sets and grappling with each other to claim one.



According to local media, more than 200 televisions were sold with the wrong price. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department shops and grocery stores.



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