Shocking moment taxi driver chased by knifeman in attack

This is the terrifying moment a man pulls out a knife and charges towards a taxi before trying to attack the driver through his window. Horrified onlookers watched as the stranger, wearing a grey tracksuit, stabbed at the glass of the Peugeot in Benwell, Newcastle upon Tyne, in broad daylight.





It is believed the incident was triggered after the driver from Blueline Taxis almost hit the man’s dog as it ran across the road. Friends of the driver say he was ‘gobsmacked’ but unhurt. Miraculously, the glass didn’t shatter but the car sustained damage, including scratches to the window.



One friend said they believed the incident may have resulted from the driver almost hitting the dog, braking hard after it ran loose onto Armstrong Road. The driver was said to have been ‘shaken up’ after the ordeal.



The friend added: ‘He was driving at 11.30am and at that time, there could have been a mum with young children in the car or it could have been a little old lady. I’m just glad he didn’t retaliate.’ Initially, the driver thought the attacker had used a dog chain, but upon watching the footage realised to his horror it was a knife.



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