Mother Saves Toddler From Monkey Attack After Animal Sneaks Into Brazilian Apartment and Savages the Child

A mother-of-two has revealed how she saved her young child’s life during a monkey attack after the primate made its way into their flat in southern Brazil.

Julia Balardim, 21 months, suffered horrific bites from the howler monkey, exposing a part of her skull, and needed emergency plastic surgery following the attack last week.

The howler monkey made its way into the family’s flat in Curitiba, in the southern state of Parana, Brazil, by opening the balcony door – most likely on the hunt for food.

Howler Monket Steans Into Flat

Julia and her older sister Luisa, seven, had been watching television in the front room while their mother Luciana, 27, was in the kitchen, when the monkey came in through the glass door and attacked.

The monkey leaped on top of Julia, who was sat in a high chair, and launched a ferocious attack on the baby, biting a chunk out of her head.

Monkey Had Injured Child

Mrs. Balardim struggled to wrench the ape off her younger daughter as it fought back inflicting deep scratches on her arm that needed stitches.

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