Show-off Cracks the Dance Floor Tiles While Attempting a Backflip

This is the extraordinary moment one man was able to smash a dance floor while displaying his backflip.

In the video, the man, dressed in an all-white ensemble, is seen dancing with guests during a party in an unknown location before launching himself into a backflip.

However, all does not go quite to plan when, much to his own astonishment, he manages to break an entire tile to pieces upon returning back to the ground.

During the stunning display of sheer power, the dancer successfully completes his mid-air backflip before cracking the floor.

Man Attempts Back Flip

Another gentleman holding a beer bottle then bends down to inspect the cracked floor and lifts the tile in shock.

Stunned by the power of his moves the dancer stares open-mouthed at the floor, as startled guests gasp in shock.

Man Breaks Floor

As the clip continues, more guests are seen gathering around the cracked tile in an effort to view the now damaged floor.

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