Scooter Rider Listening to Music Miraculously Survives Being Hit by Two Trucks After He Dropped His Headphones

This is the astonishing moment a scooter driver trying to pick up his dropped headphone miraculously survived being hit by two trucks.

The CCTV clip, filmed in Shangrao City, China, captured the motorist as he traveled across a busy highway on a silver scooter. The man appeared to be looking towards oncoming traffic to his right when a blue lorry approached from the opposite direction.

He disappeared behind the truck as the vehicle approached, the lorry moving in a semi-circle in an attempt to avoid a collision. The scooter and its rider then reappeared lying in the road as more cars began to approach from the right.

Scooter Driver 1

A second lorry then came towards the fallen man, taking a sharp turn to avoid hitting him.

Instead, the motorist collided with the scooter, dragging it across the tarmac as a white powder spilled onto the road from its back. The rider was engulfed in a cloud of the substance for a few seconds as the lorry came to a sudden stop.

But the man, who appeared to be shirtless, was then filmed getting up from the floor and walking towards his scooter seemingly unscathed.

Scooter Driver Survives

It is believed the man had been listening to music as he crossed the road and had been focusing on reclaiming a fallen headphone when the near misses occurred.

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